MLK the MC

One of the reason that Martin Luther King, Jr. was able to be such a powerful force in the Civil Rights Movement was because he was a charismatic and acute orator. It is easy for me to see parallels in the rhetorical tactics that MLK used that are similar to that of my favorite hipContinue reading “MLK the MC”

Black AF

I am Black, with a capital B. My identity has never been a mystery. Since my upbringing was rooted in pro-Blackness, it is how I identify. We know that my paternal grandmother’s biological father is a Native American man and we know that many of my family members paternally are listed in census records asContinue reading “Black AF”

Sound Bites: Podcasting

On the Short Wave episode, “How do we make sense of the sounds around us?”, NPR’s All Things Considered host Ari Shapiro briefly chatted with neuroscientist Nina Kraus about her new book, Of Sound Mind. In the episode, the two discussed how our brains construct sounds. What makes Short Wave an interesting podcast method isContinue reading “Sound Bites: Podcasting”

Mic Check– A.C.A.B

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “A riot is the language of the unheard.” I like to remix that sentiment sometimes as hip hop is the language, the song–of the oppressed. There is no coincidence that over the lifespan of hip hop, there is an anti-police anthem for each generation. It’s because policeContinue reading “Mic Check– A.C.A.B”

Cornrows & Blaccents–the new Minstrel Show

Minstrel shows were an American form of racist entertainment developed in the early 19th century, even as early as Reconstruction post-Civil War. Each show consisted of comic skits, variety acts, dancing, and music performances that mimicked and ridiculed Black people. Often times, white men, women, and even children would darken their faces and perform caricaturesContinue reading “Cornrows & Blaccents–the new Minstrel Show”

Kanye The Creator

Kanye West’s sheer pageantry would put him at the top of the list for most creative rapper. After a brief hiatus from rap and a failed 2020 presidential campaign, Kanye West graced the hip hop world in August 2021 with his long anticipated tenth studio album, DONDA. The roll out for DONDA was incredibly uniqueContinue reading “Kanye The Creator”


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