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Honestly, I’ll just wait for Beyonce…

House music is said to have been born on the ashes of Disco. As the Black community was being flooded with crack cocaine and the party scene of the 1970s was quickly fading to drug abuse and gang violence, House music was born in underground clubs of Chicago and New York. Disco, a music genreContinue reading “Honestly, I’ll just wait for Beyonce…”

Power to La Raza

The earliest instance of Black and Brown unity that I can recall learning about is Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King Jr. existing in the same lifetime and working towards their respective civil rights movements. Even Black Panther leader Fred Hampton’s Rainbow Coalition strived to bring together people of all colors in acts of resistanceContinue reading “Power to La Raza”

And the white man get paid off of all of that…

So, I’m a fan of all things FX. Dave, Pose, Atlanta, Snowfall. The one thing I’ve learned when watching these shows is–damn, the advertising is super targeted. You definitely would not get the same ads watching Atlanta and Snowfall that you would get when watching say, Grey’s Anatomy or Law and Order SVU. The commercialsContinue reading “And the white man get paid off of all of that…”

Vitamin D and the D is for Dark-Skinned

Last week, after watching Nina Jablonski’s TED Talk, “Skin Color is an Illusion,” and the class discussion, it really got me to thinking about the concept of why Blackness or dark skin is demonized regardless of where in the world you are. According to Only Skin Deep, variation of skin color is correlated with geographicalContinue reading “Vitamin D and the D is for Dark-Skinned”

With Justice and Knowledge for All…

As a Black person in the United States, the concept of democratized knowledge is extremely important to me. The disenfranchisement of Blacks, especially in the South, and knowing that there were tactics to keep information away from Black people for centuries particularly by White people leads me to encouraging my peers and Black people aroundContinue reading “With Justice and Knowledge for All…”

The Fall of Astroworld — AGAIN…

On October 30, 2005, Six Flags Astroworld in Houston, Texas closed their gates for the last time as the amusement park shut down. Rapper and Houston native Travis Scott, frequently makes reference to this theme park in his music and even named his reoccurring, annual music festival the same same — ASTROWORLD. Nearly 15 yearsContinue reading “The Fall of Astroworld — AGAIN…”

Sound Bites: Podcasting

On the Short Wave episode, “How do we make sense of the sounds around us?”, NPR’s All Things Considered host Ari Shapiro briefly chatted with neuroscientist Nina Kraus about her new book, Of Sound Mind. In the episode, the two discussed how our brains construct sounds. What makes Short Wave an interesting podcast method isContinue reading “Sound Bites: Podcasting”