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Honestly, I’ll just wait for Beyonce…

House music is said to have been born on the ashes of Disco.

As the Black community was being flooded with crack cocaine and the party scene of the 1970s was quickly fading to drug abuse and gang violence, House music was born in underground clubs of Chicago and New York.

Disco, a music genre that emerged as the soundtrack of the Black experience. But particularly the Black LGBTQIA+ experience as mostly Black and Latinx communities were found in this accelerated dance culture. Disco was not only a music genre, but much like hip hop music–a culture. A culture in which those who wanted to unsubscribe from the surrounding social issues and be able to simply exist in a hyper reality or euphoria of sorts. House music a producer’s dream. The love child of Disco and the emergent deejaying element of hip hop.

In Drake’s new album release, “Honestly, Nevermind” it should serve as a reminder that House music is in fact Black music.

I of course got off my jokes in regards to the unique sound that we were not expecting from the light-skinned king, October’s Very Own, the Champagne Papi himself, Aubrey Drake Graham. But I think that this dance album as it is labeled according to Apple Music, is just the sound that we need for Summer 2022, exactly nine month’s after Drake’s release of Certified Lover Boy.
We see what you did there with the pregnancy emojis.

After a failed dress rehearsal of what CLB would sound like in a stadium during Drake and Kanye’s unofficial Versuz challenge, Drake may have found himself in the lab cooking up Passionfruit Jr. It is a different sound as I mentioned previously, but it isn’t scathing.

All in all, though it’s good for now. A good hold over if you will. There are some cute Instagram captions in the making, like “Bitch, don’t tell me that you model if you ain’t been in Vogue…” Totally over the 2004 bed squeaks though. (Why does this Canadian always want to be apart of southern hip hop culture, lol)

But, It’s not something I will find myself listening to after July 29th. IYKYK.

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